Member Support 

As part of the Covenant of Commitment all members who hold Ordination, License, Certification, Independent Charter or Membership status ONLY are asked to remit a monthly “FREE WILL” member support offering.  These offerings help to cover the costs of administration, resources and member support efforts.


If your church or ministry have taken full Apostolic Covering under WMMA support through tithing and or offerings are expected. We do ask that those who tithe to the fellowship to submit a minimum of 5% or a monthly support offering. It is both biblical and of necessity. This does not replace your obligation to support your local church or ministry. 
There is New Testament evidence of ministers and churches giving in support of their covering. It is however important to note that if there is no record of any support for your covering, we will not accept any renewal of your credentials. Your commitment to support your covering is a part of your Covenant Support Commitment.


  • Our faithful members make it possible for us to fulfill the call to serve existing and emerging churches and networks, empowering them to educate and raise up leaders needed to contain the end time harvest.
  • Your commitment to support WMMA will help us to "Touch Nations and Evangelize the World."
  • You, our dedicated members enable us to reach out through Conferences, Crusades, Media and World Mission efforts to provide humanitarian aid or support (e.g. provision of food, clothing, orphanage support and shelter), economic development and training for these services. 

Member Support Form