Apostle Dr. Veronica A. Johnson
"Mother Apostle"
Founder & Overseer


Apostle Dr. Veronica A. Johnson is an anointed vessel of God graced with a Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministry.  She is the founder and CEO of Veronica Johnson Ministries International.  Apostle Johnson is a Gospel Recording Artist, Mother of Nations, Kingdom entrepreneur, educator, author, spiritual mentor, nurturing, equipping, developing and challenging God's people to excellence in ministry and business. 

Over the years Apostle Dr. Johnson has  founded and established several nonprofit organizations, achieved scholastic awards and honored by many prestigious organizations:

NOVEMBER 2002 - Established the World Missions School of Preparation , Decatur, Alabama as an avenue to teach and train the local leadership body for ministry.  The school would later expand to a national and global level.

APRIL 2003 - Founded Rapha Outreach International, a nonprofit Evangelistic Association established to provide spiritual covering, accountability, godly support and ministry leadership training and credentials to pastors, churches, ministers and ministries.

JULY 26, 2003 - Received Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Institute for Christian Works, Mt. Vernon, WA.

JULY 29, 2004 - Veronica Johnson Ministries was officially incorporated as a nonprofit 501 C3 organization under the laws of the State of Alabama.

October 2003 - Leadership Conference - Healing Crusade in the famous Kenya Slums, Nairobi Kenya.

JULY 2004 - New Covenant International Church (NCCI) was established and incorporated under the laws of the State of Alabama as a nonprofit 501 C3 organization. The World Missions School of Preparation in an effort to expand was placed under the corporate umbrella of  NCCI as a subordinate organization and the name was changed to New Covenant International Bible College.  Website: www.schoolofpreparation.org

AUGUST 22, 2004 - Received Honorary Doctor of Sacred Music Degree from Global Evangelical Christian College, Montgomery, AL.

NOVEMBER 10, 2004 - Received Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Urban Harvest Bible Institute & Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana.

DECEMBER 21, 2004 - For expansion purposes World Missions Ministerial Association (WMMA) was established under the corporate umbrella of Rapha Outreach International and later re-established under Veronica Johnson Ministries as a separate entity to provide spiritual covering, accountability, godly support and ministry leadership training and credentials to pastors, churches, ministers and ministries on a national and global level.

FEBRUARY 10, 2005 - WMMA registered as a socitey in the Republic of Kenya Nairobi.

NOVEMBER 8, 2005 - Received the appointment of the Nevada Conference Bishop through the Fellowship of Christ International, Mt. Vernon, WA.  She will also serve on the Council of Bishops.

MARCH 2006 - Received Grand Doctor of Philosophy (the highest in the world), Doctor of Philosophy and registered as a full Professor of the European Academy of Informatization and the World Information of Distributed University.  Her name is entered in the list of outstanding persons, researchers and professors.

SEPTEMBER 2008 - Received PhD in Christian Education and a Dual Masters Degree in Pastoral and Christian Counseling from the Harvest in Time Christian University, Gary Indiana.

JANUARY 2008 - Accepted the call and mandate to walk in the FULL MEASURE of the Apostolic-Prophetic mantle that has long been evident upon her life.  The "SEAL" of her Apostleship is evident. 

OCTOBER 2008 - Received official consecration for the Office of the Apostle.  Held in Decatur, Alabama and officiated by Apostle Laura M. Thompson of Open Doors Church Ministries, Inc., Sheffield, Alabama.

FEBRUARY 20, 2011 - Celebrated the Grand Opening and re-establishment of Rapha Outreach International, Decatur, Alabama.

FEBRUARY 22, 2013 - Rapha Outreach International name officially changed to Gap Closers Church International, Decatur, Alabama under a newly revised vision and mandate. 

JUNE 2013 - Official Five-fold ministry appointments for Gap Closers Church International.  A ministry leadership team including a lead pastor, associate pastor, elders, deacons and ministers were appointed to carry out the vision of the church.

NOVEMBER 2014 - Gap Closers Church International officially merged with Crossover Ministries, Huntsville, AL.

MAY 2017 - Founder and Visionary of Turn It Around Church International, Las Vegas, Nevada.

AUGUST 2018 - The New Covenant International Bible College after having an Internet presence for over 14 years under www.schoolofpreparation.org was changed to: www.ncibiblecollege.org. 

JULY 2019 - Official launch of Veronica Johnson Ministries - Nevada Headquarters.  Theme: FINISH STRONG.

Apostle Dr. Veronica A. Johnson spheres of ministry include:

  • Spiritual Covering, Affirmation & Impartation

  • Healing and Deliverance 

  • Intercessory Prayer

  • Music & Media 

  • Women 

  • Prison 

  • Christian Education & Empowerment

  • Church Administration

  • Church Plants

  • Leadership Development

  • World Missions

  • Conferences & Crusades

  •  Retreats & Workshops

  • Evangelism

  • Outreach

Under a divine apostolic commission to GO, the mandate is to be a ministry without walls, proclaiming the world as my platform ministering a prophetic word of knowledge that heals and brings hope, music that delivers and changing the world through education and empowerment.