World Missions Ministerial Association

"Touching Nations and Evangelizing the World"

It is our mission and goal to fulfill our global mandate to operate as a ministry without walls, touching nations and evangelizing the world.  

We endeavor to not only provide spiritual covering, ministerial credentials, encouragement, counsel, accountability and godly support but to also provide humanitarian aid or support (e.g. provision of food, clothing, orphanage support and shelter), economic development and training for these services.  

We exist to be an "
apostolic - prophetic" expression of the Kingdom of God upon the earth.  The vision is to bring Reformation, Restoration and Reconciliation to the Body of Christ.

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This Global Ministerial Network exists to build fellowship and kingdom relationships by bringing pastors, ministries and churches together to advance the Kingdom of God. We provide avenues to use the knowledge and experience of others to better enhance your own ministry. 



Apply for membership through one of the WMMA Chapters.  We are looking for National and

Regional Directors to represent in specific regions.  Interested?  Contact us  to see if your region is open! We want to hear from you! Apply Today!


               WMMA INTERNATIONAL 2003

                        KENYA NAIROBI

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